Kratom Dosage – Do’s And Don’ts

The question of kratom dosage is one that may have no “applies-to-all” answer, but this article will seek to clarify some of the conceptions and misconceptions about the effects of different dosage.  The hope is to inform beginners about what to expect, and to help novice users acclimate safely to a new strain. (Check Kratom Canada for the great info.)

The Factors of Kratom Dosage


Below are some of the considerations to take into account when figuring out which dosage is correct for you.  Bear in mind that these are not scientific, but based on common understanding of how kratom has effected different users.

  • Height and weight. Kratom, like virtually any substance that works with the body’s natural chemistry, operates according to the size of its container.  Just as it takes more medicine for a grownup to feel better than a child, it takes more kratom for a tall and/or heavy person to feel the same effects a smaller person.  Again, this is a general rule of thumb to serve as baseline, not a definitive scientific fact.  Some will find they require more of certain strains despite their diminutive stature, but you should always start on the low side and work your way up.
  • Most have reported that kratom taken on an empty stomach takes much less time to have an effect, and the onset is much stronger. The most common time frames before energy or sedation kicks in on an empty stomach is about 10-15 minutes.  Conversely, taking kratom after eating will usually take half an hour to work.  Some make the mistake of taking kratom after eating, feeling nothing after the expected 15 minutes has passed, then taking more.  This effectively doubles the dosage, which can lead to some stomach irritability and nausea.
  • This may seem obvious, but kratom doses will also depend on the type of kratom you’re taking. This applies to powdered strains, which have various potencies according to type.  For example, you may encounter a white Bali blend that is much stronger than a white Vietnam, even though he names may lead you to think they are of the same potency.  Strains like Maeng Da and mixed strains are inherently more powerful than other powders because they contain a combination of different elements that can greatly enhance the individual attributes.  Extra attention should be paid to the potency of extracts like kratom liquid and resin.  While they aren’t exactly accurate in their depiction of 20X potency, the increase is enough that you should only be taking percentages of what you’d take with powder.

The “Average” Kratom Dosage

Of course, average dose will vary according to who you ask, but the general consensus among kratom users is that the average dose should be 1.5 to 2 grams for beginners, and about that same amount for those trying a new strain.   Once you’ve acclimated most consider 4 grams a “healthy” portion good enough to take once during a day.  Any amount higher than 5 grams will alter the effects, with even the most energetic strains enacting sedative and euphoric effects.  The desire to feel these effects is what causes many novice users to start off with the higher amounts, and the onset of side effects will cause them to shy away from that strain before they have the opportunity to work their way up to an optimal dosage. Abusing kratom or taking too much won’t cause any serious side effects—i.e. a fatal overdose—but taking too much of it can cause abdominal discomfort, and the body will probably react by expelling it in a manner that isn’t pleasant.  As always, the key to enjoying kratom is moderation. Visit Kratom Canada – Facebook to get more info.